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Top tier higher education is no longer a dream. Pride Education Services direct students in achieving their inspirational dreams, especially for people who are looking to find a balance with professional and personal commitments by offering regular and distance education courses. We pace forward with extreme commitment towards a single cause of promoting top tier education and rendering quality services to every student who wants to achieve their inspirational dreams. Founded in 1998, P.E.S offers world-renowned universities with professional graduate courses such as ______ and postgraduate courses such as ______. Our distance learning and regular courses are the most popular among students and it is where opportunities come knocking for those who want to broaden their skills, and abilities and gain comprehensive knowledge with subject expertise. Freshers are welcomed with open hands and no preconceived notions. We will leave no stone unturned in converting your inspirational dream into a reality. Pride Education Services focuses primarily on your commitment to broaden your horizons and create a single brand of top-notch education services

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Salutation from Pride Education Services, as the dean of P.E.S, I welcome you to explore our top tier graduate and postgraduate courses. Founded in 1988, the college is devoted to committed towards providing a top tier education to every student. We have UGC/Ministry of HRD/AIU approved courses. We provide education courses that are student-oriented to bring out the potential of each student. We are the benchmark for students who want to reach their maximum heights and our recognized courses assure your excellence. We take it upon ourselves to empower students for success and become a harbinger of victory. It is my honor to serve as the managing director of P.E.S. I am actively involved in the field of education. I emphasize on educational alternatives. In my personal experience, I have perceived that people struggle to deal with complex circumstances where they have to balance their professional and personal life. People are stressed out due to intense pressure that is put on them through their demanding life. I have discerned that people kept running towards something they are not able to achieve; this is especially true for people who are balancing their professional and personal life. They want to achieve newer heights with further education but the course of action is monotonous and exhausting.

This sense of revelation inspired me to start regular and distance learning for students who are adults and especially women who are juggling family responsibilities and their need for top-tier education. Our P.E.S is for those people who are determined to get a top-tier education and fulfill their aspirations. P.E.S eliminates the burden of fear people have when they think of re-rolling into college for a career transition. We eliminate this fear to ensure a sustainable future for people who choose to return to college for top-tier education. We are devoted to creating a successful interactional platform of creative exchange between a student and P.E.S services. When you enroll in P.E.S, you become our responsibility. We focus on refining your skills, knowledge, learning power, critical thinking ability, and overall moral values. Your inspirational dream becomes our responsibility. We put in maximum hard work to fulfill your aspirations through our recognized academic courses at the graduate and postgraduate levels. The P.E.S culture will provide you the perfect opportunity to find your passion and calling and further enhance your career with top tier education. We are committed to creating the next generation of leaders by fulfilling the aspirations of every student at P.E.S.


We assess your skills and have them recognized to improve your chances of getting closer to your dream job. The skills assessment option is open to everyone irrespective of their work. Studying aboard has now become an experience and a necessity for many students. It is considered valuable for the majority of the students. Various educational institutions have preset academic requirements to challenge you with. These requirements are tested through standardized tests. Tests such as SAT, TOEFL, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT are some of the most popular tests to get admission in various universities for studying abroad. GRE and SAT are assessment exams of critical thinking, verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning skills. A student perfects these skills over his/her years and is highly valued for getting admission into prestigious colleges. They are the industry standard of value education and recognition.


Pride Education Services offer a wide range of U.G and P.G courses. They both have varying admission requirements. Currently, we admit eligible candidates into __________ at P.E.S for the current academic session of 2020. We will find the right course for you and help shape your future career. We will work with you from the beginning to the end. We aim to answer all your doubts and queries and solving them all. We are committed to helping you find the right course for you, to achieve that you will get regular reminders from P.E.S during to application process. Applicants will be notified of interviews. We at P.E.S have experienced consultants who will offer dedicated services in every step of your journey, all the way from counseling to selection of your course. Their efforts will continue even after completion of your course to help you find a job in your desired field. Contact P.E.S for your customized needs according to your courses. We insist you participate early in the admission process. There are cutthroat competition and limited seats. There are reserved seats for early applicants. If the date of enrolling is past the date of application, we have a right to refuse admission and the seat goes to the next applicant on the waiting list.


Students get guidance regarding their admission program and enrollment into a college. We have a wide range of courses at P.E.S, specializations in every field, from certification courses to fully-fledged diplomas. We will guide you in every aspect regarding the admission process. We want to be the standard of communication between a parent and their ward seeking top tier education with industry-standard services.


P.E.S has a wide selection of courses for students with an undergraduate degree who want to specialize in their respective fields. Undergraduate students who are looking to take the next step in their career, Pride Education services are where you should be. We offer a flexible P.G course for students to help them complete their post-graduation either through part-time or full time. The P.G courses ensure that every undergraduate student gains a higher level of education and have a strong C.V to help them stand out in the crowd of graduates. A Masters will increase your chances of growing at a rapid pace. It will fetch you a financial package that an undergraduate cannot command. It will widen your interests and encourage exploring more horizons. Plus, getting a specialization in your interested field always increases your chances of landing your dream job. Our Master’s program not only focuses on top tier education but also instills valuable personal skills to a student to help them achieve a Ph.D. study. Our popular P.G Courses include _____ that are available through either regular or distance learning. P.E.S has meticulously planned our P.G courses to offer every student top tier education, knowledge, and skills in their chosen area of specialization. We have intricately designed our master’s courses for those students who are enrolling in correspondence and distance learning courses. This intricate balance of elements helps students and working professionals to balance their work and higher education. Regular P.G courses are for students to develop their superiority and make them carve their path to success. We have trained and experienced staff and faculty members who concentrate on motivating students and guiding them towards the right path with a detailed orientated approach with the foundation of international level education.


Before embarking in your career, you need an undergraduate degree. It is the first step towards achieving your dream job and following your inspirational dreams. Pride Education Services offers a wide range of courses for potential undergraduate students from various social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Education does not discriminate nor do we. Our most sought after U.G courses are ______ that are available through either regular or distance learning. Our excellent faculty and staff are equipped to face any type of challenges and ideas. They are our prized assets. They are trained, experienced, and experts in their relative fields. Combine that with our flexibility and small batches, the courses will sharpen your focus and you will enter the real world with knowledge, skills, and confidence to withhold the strong storm of competition. Our courses not just provide you a top tier education to boost your knowledge and skills but also test your abilities and refine your outlook. Our courses cater to personal inner needs. It will sharpen your personality so you can get a head start in your chosen career.


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We Are Helping To Grow Your Business We Build Best Digital Products
That Function, That Are Understandable And Usable.

to Canada and Australia

 we proffer immigration solutions at competitive rates, tailored to each client’s individual needs, and we pride ourselves on providing quality service to our clientele.

Tamas Immigration offers advice in relation to temporary and permanent residence in Canada, and we place a priority on assisting provincial nominees, business people, skilled workers, self-employed persons, students, family members, and Canadian Experience Class applicants.

We also focus on providing assistance with Australian visa programs for skilled migrants and professionals, employer sponsored workers, regional migration, State or Territory nominated applicants, business people, investors, students, and family members.

We at P.E.S endeavor to understand the needs of a student and their aspirations regarding their career and life, we base this foundation in our process and deliver comprehensive solutions. Our primary mission is to provide top tier education & training and quality services that are orientated towards making a difference in the career of a student. Vision We at P.E.S strive to develop and deliver excellence in education and skills. P.E.S objectively looks for recognition as a flexible, reliable, innovative, and customized value-added services institution that is committed in their process of rendering quality services, where the focus is on helping every student to fulfill their aspirations.

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